things-do-1In life what matters most is not what you have, but what you do with what you have. It is all nice and dandy to have a beautiful family; but it is equally important to actually spending some time with them.  The importance of family can never be overemphasized.  Costa Del Garrraf is the perfect gateway for you at out hotel for family in Vilanova y la Geltru.  There are plenty of fun activities for kids, teens and adults in Costa Del Garraf, here are some of the top activities;

#1 Sport and Fun


Boredom is not a word that is synonymous with Costa Del Garraf.  Hiking, golf, beach volleyball activities are available in nearby hotels in  Vilanova i la Geltrú. The amazing trails across the terrain make biking perfect for both children and adults. Even if it is your first time, there are plenty of signposts to make sure you don’t get lost. A coastline emerging from the Mediterranean makes kayaking  ideal.  Kayak enthusiasts will appreciate numerous  caves, cliffs and hollows along the waterfront.  Sailing, scuba diving, surfing, water skiing should all be in your itinerary when you visit Costa Del Garraf.

#2 Cultural Diversity


Diversity is what defines Barcelona as a people and a culture. Every year  thousands of tourists visit the beautiful  town of Garraf  to grab a slice of the history and cultural dexterity present. From  the food, linguistics, parks and museums there is something for everyone. The museums take you through an in-depth voyage at cultures through themes, paintings, sculptures and artifacts that portray the artistic and cultural diversity. There are plenty of festivals you can catch  like the El Festival de Musica a les Vinyes The streets haven’t changed much over the centuries so you can experience the beautiful designs by taking a walk.

#3 Beach Activities

If there is something that Barcelona has in copious amounts, it  is beautiful sandy beaches. Coupled with Subtropical-Mediterranean climate, the warm  temperatures prevail throughout the year with  glowing sunshine radiating through your skin. The coastline is line with promenade and palm trees. The beach is a beautiful place to work on your tan as you enjoy a margarita. Have a picnic along the coastline with your little ones and at night enjoy the fresh seas breeze over a fire.

#4 Shopping Centers

After indulging all the sport activities, you can catch a breather while visiting  some of the shopping sites in the town.  Get some souvenirs in the plethora of malls and shops in town. Get  down at the end of the Ramblas and get a bite at the many famous restaurants in the town.