Spanish Tapas & Crusty BreadOne of the best ways to really understand a place and its culture is to try the local cuisine. Most adults are happy to go with the flow and try new, interesting dishes but the same can’t be said for little mouths which snap shut as soon as anything out of the normal appears on their plate. We wish you a lovely stay at our hotel for family in Barcelona.

If you want to experience authentic Catalan food with your children, consider ordering these three dishes during your next trip to Barcelona. They’re all traditionally Catalan, but familiar enough that even your little ones should be happy to dig in.


Freshly prepared pa amb tomaquet. Image via Flickr, Jennifer Woodard Maderazo CC 2.0

Pa Amb Tomaquet

Pa amb tomaquet literally translates into English as “bread with tomato”, but it’s much more interesting than a soggy tomato sandwich! It’s essentially an open-faced sandwich made up of a thick slice of bread (or sometimes a small baguette halved lengthways) lightly toasted and rubbed with sweet garlic and fresh tomato. To finish it off, quality olive oil is drizzled on top, followed by a sprinkling of salt. Although this dish is really simple, the fresh wholesome ingredients make it truly delicious.


Toasted bread topped with botifarra, chorizo and morcilla. Image via Flickr, Stijn Nieuwendijk CC 2.0


Botifarra is a traditional Catalan sausage based on an ancient Roman recipe. Just like there are many different types of sausages in the UK, there are also various types of botifarra. Some of the most popular varieties include:

  • basic botifarra – a link sausage made from pork meat and spices which is usually barbecued or cooked on a hot plate
  • black botifarra – the Catalan version of black pudding
  • botifarra d’ou – basic botifarra made from pork meat and egg, normally reserved for Fat Tuesday
  • botifarra d’arròs – basic botifarra made from pork meat and rice

You can get botifarra on its own as a tapa or enjoy it as a complete meal in the form of botifarra amb seques – grilled sausage with white beans.


Homemade canelons. Image via Flickr, Nandu Jubany CC 2.0


Canelons are Barcelona’s answer to Italy’s cannelloni – but with one main difference. Whereas cannelloni is stuffed with minced meat and a generous amount of tomato sauce, canelons are filled with roasted meat and topped with béchamel sauce and cheese – rarely does tomato sauce get a look in. And since Catalan canelons are made with roasted meat, they were traditionally only eaten on Boxing Day as a way of using up leftover meat from the Christmas lunch. However, since their popularity has grown massively since they were first introduced to the city by Italian chefs at the end of the 19th century, you can easily get canelons in Catalan restaurants throughout Barcelona all-year-round today.

Enjoy this food discovering while you stay in our familial hotel in Barcelona!