Bike Barcelona

You are sweating trying to find your way and an ‘Are we there yet?’ hits you from the backseat of your car. Frustrating, isn’t it? Let’s be realistic, traveling by car isn’t the best option, especially in a crowded town like Barcelona. And let’s not forget about the struggle finding a parking spot and paying attention to every single person trying to cross the street. In the end, you will have missed all the elegance that Barcelona got. Besides getting a private accordion show, same thing goes with the metro. There are many ways to explore Barcelona as a family, but if you want to keep it amusing we recommend you to do it by bike. This way, everyone will be entertained. We wish you a lovely stay at our hotels for family in Barcelona!

Bike Barcelona

But what are the perks?

Who wants to follow the crowded paths everyone takes, right? You need to get away from these tourists trying not to step on each other’s feet. So many advantages and finally, not having to hurry anymore trying to take that funny picture. Moreover, you will meet interesting people on your way, such as local people and like-minded cyclists. These encounters won’t take place being in your car. As mentioned before, you will feel more free than ever and be able to do whatever you want. And being free means less stress. You will not have to worry about trying to find a parking spot anymore or run out of fuel in the middle of nowhere. Being free also means: taking time for you and your family. Time to think and realise how lucky you are being able to seize this opportunity all together.

After all, traveling by car or metro can be up to 6 times more expensive than by bike. Think of every penny you will save and spend on more interesting things, such as an excellent local dinner.

Also, everyone has at least felt bad once in their life for not being environment friendly. If you are, great. If you aren’t, this is a perfect way to contribute to the global warming. While peddling your bike, and notice the healthy trees around you, you will eventually realise the impact of it. You will learn a lot and have a great feeling of accomplishment.

Bike Barcelona

The tours

If you’re looking for a predetermined tour on the web, you will get suggested a thousand. All you need to do is select one that fits your expectations. The place where you will hire your bikes, will give you interesting suggestions as well. Keep in mind the difficulty and the attractions you wish to visit. Although peddling through the nature is amazing, you also want to enrich your cultural knowledge. Some places even offer a ‘tapas tour’, ‘surprise tour’ or a ‘night tour’. Finding a rental shop in Barcelona won’t be a problem as you can see in the overview here below.

Bike Barcelona

Bike Barcelona


Ajo Bike – you can choose between new or second hand bicycles. They come in different sizes, colours, models and brands. And no, you won’t be eye-catching because the bikes aren’t labelled. The price for one bike during 24 hours, is 10€. The extra person pays 9€, same goes with the extra day. Good to know: their special Monday offer. If you book your bike on a Monday, you can use it 48 hours for only 10€ per bike. Finally, they also offer private tours (35€ per person). Address: Carrer d’En Roig, 5, 08001, Barcelona – +34 930082298 –

Biketours Barcelona – having a wide range of bicycles as well, the prices vary a little. The price for 24 hours will be 15€, for one week it will be 60€. Interesting private tours can also be booked. Address: Carrer de L´Esparteria, 3 – 08003 Barcelona – +34 932682105 –

Fattiretours – they are mostly specialised in organising tours. The prices vary around 25€ to 40€, depending which tour you fancy. Address: Carrer de Escudellers, 48, 08002, Barcelona – +34 933013612 –

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