Mercat PrincesaTired of the never-ending discussions figuring out where or what to eat? Right, we have all been there. Mercat Princesa is a tapas market, located in El Born, offering high quality gastronomic experiences. This interesting concept makes it so much easier and satisfies everyone at the same time. This place is meant for tastings, as well as for dinner eating. The seating space is surrounded by 17 tapas bars, serving contrasting specialties, such as: fish, burger, skewer, sushi, croquets, delicatessen, pinchos, mozzarella, sweets, fries, burritos, tacos, beer, wine, cocktails and coffee.We wish you a wonderful stay in our aparthotel for family in Barcelona!

Mercat Princesa


The Txapela tavern provides authentic tapas, sider and txakoli wine. You can choose between cold or hot pinchos, which are small snacks spiked to a piece of bread. These are perfect to commence with. Another ideal starter is the delicatessen at the La Xarcu bar, where they serve fresh Iberian cured ham, Vic fuet sausage, cheese and olives. Are you more a healthy or a vegetarian eater? No worries, Mercat Princesa is also very green. At the Salads bar, you can pick up various healthy salads (sometimes with pasta). Likewise, you can go for the healthy skewers. Besides, the Mozzarella bar is the place to be for Italian cheese fanciers, where fresh burrata, mozzarella and nodini de fior di latte cheeses are served.

Yet, you haven’t figured out where that irresistible aroma comes from. The meat corner can be found at the ‘Burger and Broquetes’ bar. They assemble various delicious hamburgers, accompanied with salty chips, and grilled skewers made with unpredictable ingredients. The meat is 100% veal from Girona and minced fresh every day. Weren’t you looking for burgers? Just take a few more steps to the Taco bar, where you’ll find nachos, tacos, quesadillas and burritos. Alongside of the Burger bar, you will find the fresh fish stall. The fish is caught, brought and served the same day. Whether you like it fried or grilled, is up to you.

Up next, you will discover the pizza stand. At ‘Pizzaiolo’ they are served as tapas, which means smaller proportions.

Now let’s take a journey to Asia, which will bring you to ‘Japo’. For the sushi junkies, this is the place to be. Sushi, sashimi, makis, ura-makis, tatakis, tartares and many more can be ordered. All you need to do is ask.

Mercat Princesa

Side for some, main for others

El Mercat provides the perfect side dishes, such as fries, potatoes and croquettes. In fact, you must be a good eater to define these as ‘sides’. The portion they serve will be more than enough for some of you. The homemade croquettes come with different fillings: Iberian ham, mushroom, cheese, squid and roast chicken with pine nuts. I could only recommend you to take a mixed plate. If you lean towards the alternative side dish, the fries, then ‘Amb 2 Ous’ is the place you need to be. Scrambled eggs are used as basic ingredient for all the dishes.


Walking through the market, you’ll encounter distinctive bars serving softs, cocktails, beer, wine and coffee. The one you don’t want to overlook is obviously the cocktail bar, where a few shakes turn into magic. The perfect accompaniment for tapas is beer. The beer you’ll get suggested is probably Alhambra, their favorite one. Alhambra is made using 100% natural ingredients by master brewers since 1925. Not your kind of beer? Don’t worry, they have plenty of other types, even the famous Belgian ones. But the market is also a place for wine fanatics. A variety of 40 wines can be found at ‘Vins’.

Mercat Princesa

Sweets and coffee

And here comes the ‘You always have room for a dessert’. Looking at the sweets made by Dolceta, undoubtedly you will. Chocoholics beware of the wide variety of chocolate you’ll witness. In the end, it’s all about though decisions. The sweet stand exhibits profiteroles, chocolate mousse, Belgian chocolate ice cream with silvers of chocolate but also freshly made cakes, caipiriña-flavoured, cheese, apple, etc….

In case you just want to enjoy a cup of coffee, the stand will take you to Italy, Columbia or even Costa Rica. The beans come straight from Fantini, one of the oldest coffee houses in Rome.

Mercat Princesa

Live music

Thursday is the ideal day to enjoy your meal with live music. El Mercat Princesa supports new artists and DJ’s and gives them the opportunity to play in public. They perform every Thursday from 20pm till 22pm.

Mercat Princesa


You can find El Mercat Princesa at the following address: Carrer dels Flassaders, 21, 08003 Barcelona

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