La Puntual is a puppet theater located in the neighbourhood of La Ribera de Barcelona, inaugurated in 2005 by Eugenio Navarro. It is important to recognize the effort that the founder has put into this amazing concept, showing people the work of great artists who would otherwise be left in the shadow and only been seen in specialized festivals. We wish you a lovely stay at our lovely hotel for family in Barcelona!

Its name pays homage to the novel and theater piece ‘L’Auca’ by Esteve, a painter and modernist writer who also wrote comedies for puppet shows that were represented in Els 4 Gats. It seemed to be a good name according to the founder, as the puppeteers need two small pieces of two types of stores to make their puppets. The hardware store and the haberdashery.

Initially, the place was the workshop were Eugenio made puppets, but on September 24, 2005, ‘Mecrè Day’, the space became the smallest theater in Barcelona with a capacity of 50-60 people. La Puntual is als the only theater with a stable program of puppets, Chinese shadows (Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays). Its small dimension allows its audience to be very close to the stage and because it is family business runned by only three people, they are very close and personal to the public.

All the shows that are scheduled in La Puntual are small format and are aimed at the family audience. All very well selected so that children (between 2 and 9 years) and parents would both have a great time. Eugenio and Nestor offer shows of excellent quality with good stories and interesting staging.

They also offer entertainment for public school and organize birthday parties. The whole room can be reserved exclusively for the party. The team members of La Puntual will prepare picnic-tables where you can all eat together. There is also a playground available for the little ones, they can play and in a neighbourhood where cars don’t pass.

A restaurant above all

A very high ceiling, group and individual tables, a wall decorated with old posters and bottles of wine, industrial lighting, everything is perfectly arranged. You’ll get the feeling of being in an old warehouse, since you can observe a balustrade with stored boxes along brick walls. Wondering where that lovely smell comes from? In one of the corners is the open kitchen.

Some of their best dishes are: Bellota cured ham and cut; Iberian cured ham croquette; Fried potatoes in spicy sauce; La Cerdanya colcannon with fried egg; Rice with Iberian pork. Be sure to taste their desserts as well, the options are endless, going from unique ice-cream flavors to fruit and Catalan cream. Try our familial apartment offers when you stay in Barcelona!