In the old neoclassical palace that housed the Catalan Banca we find the Wax Museum, a place that usually dazzles the children who visit it. A total of more than 200 figures representing not only celebrities but also artistic and historical scenes endowed with a spectacular realism. Located in the Passatge Banca 7, very close to Las Ramblas. A perfect plan to do with family or with your group of friends. We wish you a lovely stay at our aparthotel for family in Barcelona!

The Barcelona Wax Museum is located in the charming passage of the Banca next to Las Ramblas in the heart of the city of Barcelona, in an emblematic building dating from 1867 in which more than 200 wax figures of real celebrities and science-fiction characters.

History, culture, art, cinema, music, fantasy, science or literature are mixed in a unique and magical atmosphere giving you different scenes throughout the history of real characters and fantasy that have left their marks.

The collection of the Barcelona Wax Museum

The Barcelona Wax Museum is divided into different thematic areas which are set in a sensational way. We can find spaces dedicated to science, politics, sport, history and even fantasy. A museum in which everyone has its place. Introduce yourself to the baroque painter Diego Velázquez, characters like Count Dracula or Frankeinstein or enjoy watching the characters of Alice in Wonderland.

After the visit at the Barcelona Wax Museum you can not leave without stopping for a good cocktail in the magical Bosc de les Fades, a cafe next to the museum set in an enchanted forest full of magic, adventures and imagination wrapped in trees of tale and inhabited by fantastic creatures and gnomes. Enjoy your family stay in Barcelona!