The Museu Blau covers three areas of the city: the Ciutadella park, the Montjuïc mountain and the Fòrum park. This museum is recommended for everyone, especially for children. In addition to the exhibitions themselves, there are workshops designed for the little ones, such as the Science Nest, where they can take their first step as scientist. But even older people can participate, as it also has rest areas when they get tired. We wish you a lovely stay at our familial aparthotel in Barcelona!

The starting point is a large lobby which leads to the entrance staircase, presided over by a huge skeleton of 11m in length. A lot of parents tell their children it is a skeleton of a whale, it is called a Prognathodon, a replica of mosasaur which was a marine reptile carnivore. He lived 80 million years ago in Colorado. The head only measures 130 cm.

After the entrance you will find “Planet Life”, welcoming you with an impressive round screen which projects the transformation of the earth, from the explosion in the universe till the present age. You can call it the “biography of life”.

After this introduction, you will enter a tunnel giving you the history of life from its origins to the present life on the planet.

“The earth today” is the main protagonist of the exhibition and occupies most of the museum’s space. Here you will find various animals: vertebrates, invertebrates, large, small, colorful, walking, flying, crawling, swimming…

During the tour you will notice a projection on the floor of a pond with water and stones. It has a sensor which detects when someone steps on it, giving the corresponding waves. Children play as they jump and run over the water watching the waves.

Next stop is the “Fungi”, a group that shares characteris with plants and animals and responsible for the decomposition of organic matter. From here you will access the plant area. There is also a small corner dedicated to microbes.

You will finish the tour with stones and minerals. Some of them are spectacular.

The visit is prepared with a logic order accompanied with audiovisuals, interactive screens, models and showcases classified and explained. If you want to know more, just move the mobile monitors which give you augmented reality and show you what they have in front, giving you details and explanations. Stay in our apartment for family in Sarria during your stay in Barcelona!