A cozy, warm, family friendly restaurant where tradition meets innovation. Semproniana is a restaurant made for families. The interior is warm and cozy with traditional looking chairs and tables. When entering the restaurant you feel at home immediately. The atmosphere is friendly and the staff is welcoming. The menu is divided in different sizes, suitable for everyone. The big eater can enjoy a Large menu, where the little one will have plenty with a Small menu. The menu is very diverse and offers lots of choice. We wish you a lovely stay at our aparthotel for family in Barcelona.

In 1993 this beautiful place got rented by Santi Alegre and Ada Parellada. This large open space was a publishing house before the owners made it their second home. They substituted the books with menus and the letters with dishes, turning it into Semproniana. The name has some history to it, beautifully explained on their website.

However, Semproniana es más de un restaurante (i.e. more than a restaurant). Apart from the fresh, surprising food they serve on daily basis, they also offer several workshops. Something unique for a restaurant if you ask me. The participants vary from kids, groups of friends, business groups, beginners, and those who love cooking. Some examples of the workshops offered are:


Because the owners believe that the best way to preserve the gastronomic culture of a country is to pass it on from generation to generation, they offer a basic cooking workshop for our children to learn them to do more in the kitchen than just cooking an egg.


Celebrating with family and friends

Not a lot of reasons are needed to choose this workshop because you should always celebrate the moments you collect with your family. Being together as a family is precious and therefore needs to be celebrated. What better way to celebrate time with your family and friends by cooking together and learning about ingredients and recipes?


The goal of bringing teams together through cooking makes this workshop highly recommendable for businesses. Getting to know each other better by spending time in the kitchen and creating recipes together. Teamwork is the fundament of a good business. How about improving in while cooking something delicious?

There are various different workshops available at Semproniana. This restaurant offers it all. With, or without being interested in participating in a workshop, this restaurant is a must visit! Stay in our hotel in Sarria, Barcelona