This year is special for the Vintage Car Rally: it is the 60th Edition! This will take place between the 3rd and 5th of March. Given the long tradition of these rallies, the organization added all the kilometers driven since the very first race. And guess what? It is the equivalent of ten times world’s circumference! Come to Sitges to enjoy this special event and benefit a stay at Aparthotel Senator.


This race was originally a strategy for Sitges’ inhabitants to promote their city, especially during winter, a low season for their sea resort. The first edition of the Rally was on February 8th, 1959, with 20 participants. They would drive on the only road existing at that time, the coastal one. The visitors were numerous and it created an incredible buzz in the area.

Since then, the popularity of the race kept growing. What made this rally so famous is also the fact that participants have to dress according to the year of conception of their cars. Definitely and entertaining part of the race.


The Rally is bigger now and become one of the major event of Barcelona and Sitges. What’s more, it is now the biggest event for historical car displays in the South of Europe and the second oldest. Indeed, between 80 to 100 cars and motorcycles are taking the road. The participants are classified according to the year of the car’s manufacturing. The race starts on Plaça Sant Jaume, where you can find Barcelona’s City Hall and arrive on Sitges’ harbour.

To participate, you have to privately own your car and it has to be manufactured before 1924

Participants may also receive prizes for the following titles: cars in the best condition, cars with the most original parts, most elegant cars and the most authentic period costumes.


Saturday 3rd of March: cars will be exhibited in l’Illa Diagonal Barcelona Shopping Centre, on the Avenida Diagonal side, so visitors can watch.

Sunday 4th of March:

  • Participants’ breakfast, dressed up of course!
  • Departure at 11 am, with the mayor’s presence
  • Arrival around 1 pm in Sitges. The cars will parade around the city.
  • Cars will be exhibited on Paseo de la Ribera

Participants also have a gala dinner to receive their prizes and celebrate this beautiful rally.

To celebrate this special edition, the participants will drive through the Garraf and Alt Penedès, which will take drivers on a tour through some of the typical locations of the two Catalan regions.


Even if you cannot see the all rally, there is the link to follow the event online. You can also enjoy the cars’ exhibition on Barcelona or Sitges and discover more about these beautiful vehicles.

We hope to see you at the departure or the arrival of the rally while you are staying in our hotel for family.