All children from the moment they have the cognitive ability to notice their surroundings quickly fall in love with animals. Big, small, furry or bald – children in the presence of animals are just beaming with joy and want nothing more than to observe and play with the wildlife! So why not give them what they want? (Come on, we know you want to as well!) Aparthotel for family Senator welcomes you as you take your children –  and yourself –  on a wild adventure.


Home to 11 000 marine life creatures, making up about 450 species, this aquarium has about 35 aquariums ready for families to learn about sea creatures and explore. Located in barceloneta, not too far from the mall Maremagnum, the attraction is in fact about 80 metres below sea level! Visitors go through an underwater tunnel, allowing them to see the marine life exist without disturbing its environment. Take the whole family on this unique underwater tour!


Located in the outskirts of the city, Cosmocaixa is Barcelona’s science museum. It recently reopened in 2004 due to some renovations, and continue business as usual. The building showcases both permanent and temporary exhibits about nature, space and science. In addition, there is also a Planetarium and certain exhibits that are interactive and perfect for children to play with. A bookstore, gift shop, cafe and learning center are available for entertaining the whole family.

Pony rides

In the Pedralbes neighborhood is situated a Pony club. Aside from riding lessons, they do offer rides on ponies along a designated path, as long as they are accompanied by an adult (one adult per child). Children can of course spend some time in the stables to get comfortable with the ponies, allowing them to have a stress free time on their stroll.

We hope you you will have a great time with your family in these parks. We will be delighted to welcome you in our family aparthotels in Barcelona.