The Gràcia district is located in the North West of Barcelona, when you go to the mountains. It is the most typical neighbourhood of Barcelona, as it was still an independent town until the 19th century. Its small streets with its typical tapas bar and shops will convince you. Every year, a neighbourhood party is organized: Festa Major. Victim of its success, tourists are welcomed, as long as they can behave and can stay in our Barcelona aparthotel in Gràcia to enjoy this classic event.


We are so excited about this catalan festival, especially since the agenda is out and the countdown has started. Let’s start by the beginning: Gracia has celebrated the festa major for over two centuries, this edition being the 201st. A tradition that was originally at the same time as the St Isidre, the patron of farmers. At the time, most of the population made their living from agriculture. Along the years, the population shifted to more artistic domain, the date of the festival evolved too, to be for this year, from the 15th until the 21st of August 2018.  

There is Festa Major in every neighbourhood of Barcelona, each one at a different period, though the Gracia’s one is the most popular and attract a lot of visitors. All the decorations and the festival organization are handle by the inhabitant of the area. It is then essential to respect the decorations in the streets.

Indeed, different streets are decorated, according to a theme (King Kong, Hippies and so on), which is really impressive to see.


As mentioned before, streets are decorated all over Gracia. It is actually a contest between the streets, that is why it is taken so seriously. Each street is settling on a theme, so you can discover a new universe at every corner.

You can vote for the best decorated street, on the application or during the Festa.


There will be a pre-opening of the festivities on the 14th of August, mainly for locals and he actual opening is on the 15th, at 8am.

All along the week, you can enjoy wandering around, concert, castellers, correfocs (people dressing up like demons performing with fire), but also activities for children and typical food.

Most of the activities are opened to everyone, though some are limited to the locals, like dinners. All the festival is free, so enjoy it at its most.

You can find out all the activities on the official website (in Catalan) or on the app. We hope you enjoy the Festa Major while you stay at Mariano Cubi Aparthotel Barcelona.