Barcelona with Family

Barcelona is a perfect destination for family travelling. Besides holding to itself such incredible liveliness, creativity yet pleasant tranquility, the city has so much more to offer for each family member of yours. At our blog, you’ll find some of the best plans and attractions for your entire family. So don’t wait any longer, follow us to find out more about what to do with Kids and loved ones in town!

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Enjoy the Barcelona International Jazz Festival with your Family

If you are in search of an ideal place for a family vacation where you can enjoy world-class entertainment and hospitality, then Barcelona would be right. Few cities can match the vitality of Barcelona, and nowhere is this more evident than in its live arts, concerts and festivals. Enjoy your stay in our aparthotel for family in Sarria.

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La Tamborinada, a festival for the whole family!

Tamborinada (1)Barcelona is known to be a city for parties, but did you know there is also party for the whole family? Indeed, La Tamborinada festival is dedicated to family and it happens every year in Barcelona. Don’t miss it and stay in family in our aparthotel for family in Gracia!

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Cruïlla Festival in Barcelona offers more than just music

The Cruïlla Barcelona is an electronic music festival, celebrated from 10 to 12 July, combining pop, rock, soul, hip-hop, world music and mestizas. Concerts lasts longer than standard festivals (between 75 and 90 minutes compared to 45 minutes of most events). The Cruïlla Festival offers a comfortable and quality experience to its audience. We wish you a lovely stay at our hotel for family in Barcelona!

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Never too old, never too young with DJ Mom


“You’re never too old to go out”, you hear this quite often now that you got little ones. But what if I told you that they aren’t too young neither? That’s right, you probably never thought of entering a club with your children. Cristina, better known as DJ Mom, makes this happen. We wish you a lovely stay at Mariano Cubi in Barcelona!

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Barcelona’s children festival

One more year, the Festival of Children arrives in Barcelona, dedicated to the children for more than fifty years. As a novelty, this year, in addition to the many activities in the different stands, the festival offers us the worlds of Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly exclusively. You may know the British cartoon character that caused a fury among your little ones and became very popular on the YouTube channel. If you’re planning a visit to Barcelona around New Year, then our hotel for family in Barcelona is the perfect choice!

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Candy in the Streets in Barcelona

sant-medir-1Travelling to Barcelona with your family is a great idea any time of the year. With so much to do both indoors and out, and a fantastic public transportation system, you will feel at home here quickly. We wish you a lovely stay at our hotel for family in Barcelona.

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