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Barcelona is a perfect destination for family travelling. Besides holding to itself such incredible liveliness, creativity yet pleasant tranquility, the city has so much more to offer for each family member of yours. At our blog, you’ll find some of the best plans and attractions for your entire family. So don’t wait any longer, follow us to find out more about what to do with Kids and loved ones in town!

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Medieval Heritage of La Garrotxa Region – Route 2

Llierca Bridge - TortellàWe present you previously one medieval route in the Garrotxa region. However, the region has several point of interest concerning medieval heritage, so we’d like to present you this new itinerary through typical villages. We start from our familial hotel in La Garrotxa.

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Family Tour and Activities to discover Barcelona

Barcelona is a city full of history and activities for anybody who is visiting. Coming with the family, it can be challenging to find appropriate activities for everyone to enjoy. So, to guide you a bit, here some ideas of activities and tours you can do while you are staying at our aparthotel for family near Gracia.

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Medieval Heritage of La Garrotxa Region – Route 1

La Garrotxa region is located in the North of Spain, at the border with France. Close to the Pyrenees, this region is mostly famous for its various dormant volcanoes, well preserved in a natural park. But, did you know that the region has preserved its medieval heritage too? Discover the different cities and route you can visit from our hotel for family in Camprodon.

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Activities for animal-loving families

All children from the moment they have the cognitive ability to notice their surroundings quickly fall in love with animals. Big, small, furry or bald – children in the presence of animals are just beaming with joy and want nothing more than to observe and play with the wildlife! So why not give them what they want? (Come on, we know you want to as well!) Aparthotel for family Senator welcomes you as you take your children –  and yourself –  on a wild adventure.

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Following the dragons of Barcelona

Barcelona is the dream place for dragon’s lovers. Indeed, dragons are part of the Catalan culture. The tales can be told through either the legend of Sant Jordi or the legend of Drakcelona.

According to the photograph Joseph Martinez, there is a thousand dragons around the city. So let’s have a look to the most famous ones and maybe you will discover some new while you are relaxing with your family at the Aparthotel Senator

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On the path of Columbus

Columbus, one of the most famous historical figure of Spain. This is why, in 1888, for the Universal Exposition, the architect, Gaietà Buigas built this massive column. Pointing at the sea, he is dominating the city.

Columbus was born in Genova, Italy. He spends his life serving Spanish catholique monarques. This is why he landed in Barcelona when he came back from his first expedition. Let’s discover what the life was like at this time in Barcelona. We wish you a lovely stay with us at our aparthotel in Barcelona.

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Bike Barcelona

You are sweating trying to find your way and an ‘Are we there yet?’ hits you from the backseat of your car. Frustrating, isn’t it? Let’s be realistic, traveling by car isn’t the best option, especially in a crowded town like Barcelona. And let’s not forget about the struggle finding a parking spot and paying attention to every single person trying to cross the street. In the end, you will have missed all the elegance that Barcelona got. Besides getting a private accordion show, same thing goes with the metro. There are many ways to explore Barcelona as a family, but if you want to keep it amusing we recommend you to do it by bike. This way, everyone will be entertained. We wish you a lovely stay at our hotels for family in Barcelona!

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Feet First: Explore Barcelona’s Unique Heritage on Foot

barcelona-on-foot-1Sometimes the nicest (and most natural) thing is to simply go for a walk. Barcelona is a city with incredibly rich heritage and history, so where better to explore at a leisurely pace with your family? If fresh air walks in the Spanish sunshine sound appealing to you, grab your walking boots and check out the following walks. We wish you a lovely stay at our family hotel  in Barcelona!

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Environmental Movement in Barcelona

Barcelona OrganicAs the seas warm and the polar ice caps melt it’s time for the citizens of earth to make sure that our planet is always healthy and viable for future generations. Barcelona has taken on the environmental movement with full swing and has embraced the movement onto its streets. Enjoy Barcelona’s green practices in our hotel for family in Barcelona.

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How to Save your Feet when Travelling in Barcelona

Tour Barcelona Barcelona is a large city, with attractions ranging from the beachside to the mountains. Sagrada familia lies in the valley of Barcelona, while Park Guell is situated on the mountains overlooking said Sagrada familia. There is no way you could walk from one attractions to another in a day. So why waste your time walking between attractions and tiring out your kids when there is a better way to explore the city? Don’t tire your family out, book a Hop-on, Hop-off tour! We hope you enjoy our family hotel in Barcelona.

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