Barcelona with Family

Barcelona is a perfect destination for family travelling. Besides holding to itself such incredible liveliness, creativity yet pleasant tranquility, the city has so much more to offer for each family member of yours. At our blog, you’ll find some of the best plans and attractions for your entire family. So don’t wait any longer, follow us to find out more about what to do with Kids and loved ones in town!

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Hike in Park Pantà de Foix

September is usually synonym of going back to school and the beginning of Autumn. However, in Catalonia, the weather is still nice, so why not enjoy a hike before it is too late? Located only 20 min away from our hotel in Vilanova, the Park Panta de Foix offers architectural and natural gems. Enjoy a great excursion with the whole family!

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60th Edition of Vintage Car Rally

This year is special for the Vintage Car Rally: it is the 60th Edition! This will take place between the 3rd and 5th of March. Given the long tradition of these rallies, the organization added all the kilometers driven since the very first race. And guess what? It is the equivalent of ten times world’s circumference! Come to Sitges to enjoy this special event and benefit a stay at Aparthotel Senator.

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The Best Barcelona Theme Parks for Family Fun this Summer

theme-parks-barcelona-0Theme parks aren’t all about fast-paced adrenaline rushes, blood-pumping vertical drops and spine-tingling scare fests. In an effort to encourage more families with young children to visit, many theme parks around the world are opening up brand new sections full of mini attractions and smaller roller coasters for the little ones to enjoy – and Barcelona is no exception. If you’re visiting the Catalan capital this summer and are hunting for an amazing day out that everyone will love, check out these three family-friendly Barcelona theme parks. We wish you a lovely stay at our hotels for family!

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Experience the Tenacious Artistic Culture of Sitges

culture-sitges-0As early as the 19th century, Sitges has been a choice location for Bohemians. Artists, writers, musicians, poets and playwrights have all been attracted to this pretty little one-time fishing village. It was even popular spot for the likes of Santiago Rusiñol, a Spanish poet, playwright and painter who was considered to be one of the founders of Catalan modernism. We wish you a wonderful stay in our hotel for family in Vilanova y la Geltrú!

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Hot Air Balloons Rides in Northern Spain

hot-air-balloning-barcelonaHave you ever imagined you and your family flying over the beautiful Spanish landscape in a hot air balloon? How about flying with your loved one by your side with a champagne toast? Well with Barcelona Balloon Flights you can! You can have the opportunity to spend three to four hours sightseeing across northern Spain, but from the sky! We hope you enjoy our familial aparthotel in Barcelona.

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Museu de Maricel


maricel-1aArt imitates life, it reflects our perfect imperfections. Art has over the years been a very powerful tool in people’s lives; it enriches and ennobles us. Barcelona is famous for its museums which span several centuries, from the medieval times to current modern day collections. Great works of art from Famous artists like Picasso are preserved through time in the museums found in Barcelona. One of the most brilliant museums you should visit during your stay at our hotel for family in Vilanova y la Geltrú is the Maricel museum.

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Discover the Biblio Museo Victor Balaguer

Biblioteca_Museu_Víctor_Balaguer_de_Vilanova_i_la_Geltrú-1Explore the beauty and cultural bliss that is Spain. Barcelona is home to one of the most exquisite and gorgeous museums in the world; the Victor Balaguer Museum. Located in the heart Vilanova i Geltru, the museum is incorporated into the National Library of Catalonia. Visitors can marvel at the great works of art, with a lot of works from famous painters such as Ramon Marti Alsina, Santiago Rusiñol , Modest Urgell and Joaquim Vayreda. The site is pretty accessible, you actually get to the museum straight  from train yard. The museum is closed by  our family hotel in Vilanova i la Geltrú.

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Sitges the Home Of Museums

Museu1In  today’s contemporary  tourism scene , cultural attraction brings in a lot of visitors . As a matter of fact, the most visited country in the world, France with over 80 million visitors streaming in annually is testament to this. Whilst France is not really that well endowed with parks, wildlife or any natural scenery, the culture and  historical resources  makes France stand out. Spain also has rich cultural resources to augment the beautiful sun, sand and diverse attractions in the beautiful country. No more waiting is needed, get up and book your stay at our family hotel in Vilanova i la Geltrú. (Image courtesy of

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Travel To Costa Del Garraf with Family

10.09.2015 By Blog Viajes Eroski

(Image courtesy of Blog Viajes Eroski )

Hidden in the Northern Spanish region of Catalonia, lies Costa del Garraf. It attracts a wide range of convivial people who share a love for the clear blue water and beautiful beaches. Costa del Garraf offers a little slice of heaven, with over 20 beaches, lots of palm trees and beautiful warm weather while staying at our family hotel in Vilanova i la Geltrú.

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